How it works

Lunar Eye has extensive options with the ability to scale. It can run on commercial cloud providers such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or on your own private cloud. We use our own proprietary algorithm to power our AI engine.

Lunar Eye’s infrastructure also includes the following components:

Video cameras

connected through the internet (IoT devices)


connected through internet IoT devices


management and monitoring

Mobile App

with integration into a management system


for computing units, cameras, sensors, and data storages



Visual Monitoring and recognition features:

  • Face detection and recognition
  • Person identification
  • Identification of objects defined by uploaded photo
  • Areas of interest, monitoring for objects appearing, or unexpected activities
  • Identification of an object’s parts defined by the user (hat, glasses, mustaches, etc)
  • Detection of vehicles and boats with defined color
  • Vehicle’s brand detection and recognition
  • Emotions detection (Anger, Disgust, Fear, Happiness, Sadness, Surprise)
  • Identification of sex, race, and age
  • Tracking of moving objects and alerting for defined situations
  • Objects behavior identification including movements of object’s parts
  • Alerts generation based on identified objects and events
  • Reaction on alerts (sending information to email and/or phone call with a dynamically generated voice message)
  • Subjects management:
    1. Known subject — subject created by user with uploaded photo and name
    2. Unknown subject — subject created by the system each time it detects a new face
  • Camera stream — display live stream from selected camera
  • Camera screencast — display screencast from selected camera
  • Latest alerts — display last 24 hours alerts per selected camera
  • Widgets configurations
Cameras management and Camera view
  • Camera live stream
  • Saved videos per camera
  • Live alerts
  • Recent alerts stored for the last 24 hours
  • Supports all video formats from computer video camera, IP video camera or drone camera format
Video storage system
  • Event storage system
  • Recognition management
  • Alert system
Additional features
  • Devices management and placement mapping
  • Monitoring of data processes and events
  • Data processing scenario configuration
  • Reporting all incoming events
  • User profile management
  • Analytical data and information presentation

Lunar Eye Application

Pricing Structure

Our pricing structure can easily be tailored to your needs. One-time setup fee and subscription fee (monthly/quarterly/annual).

System Setup will include the following:

  • Requirements review
  • Server configuration assistance
  • Identification and customization based on clients needs
  • Complete system validation by Lunar Eye prior to launch
  • Walk-through and system training by Lunar Eye mavens

Subscription fee on monthly/quarterly/annual basis includes:

  • Dedicated 24-hour system support
  • Email support
  • Chat support
  • Webinars
  • 4 system updates per year

Contact us for platform adoption and customization.


Why choose us?


We always focus on your business needs and provide solutions that can be used with minimal customization required.


Unlimited connected devices — can easily handle large data sets.


We combine different data sources and provide essential management actions in real time.


Lunar Eye platform supports a variety of cameras and IoT. For a full list of supported devices — contact us

Hosting Options

Private Cloud, AWS, or Azure. The customer decides.


Lunar Eye uses the latest frameworks and meets ISO/IEC standards — your data is safe with us.


About Us

When it comes to Data Analytics and Computer Vision — the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can open many opportunities in the transformation of various processes where privacy and security are paramount.

We modernize IT Infrastructures according to compliance & security first and foremost! We expand upon data sources & data quality with the latest IoT technologies, the latest Data Science technologies, Computer Vision, Chat Bots, Hardware, and our pioneering experience with Blockchain.

This has led to our use of Camera Vision technology not as a device but a platform for all loT products and services. Lunar Eye increases capability with dramatic results while enhancing experiences and significantly improving business process all at a fraction of a cost.

Our team of Computer Vision disciples with over 15 years’ experience has prepared us to become leaders in this nascent field of technology. Our team of experts are ambitious leaders in Data Science, DevOps, Analytics, Machine Learning, Engineering, Computer Vision, and Security.


Contact Us

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