Lunar Eye

Improving manufacturing with computer vision and automation


How it works

The Lunar Eye Platform uses Deep Learning Neural Networks to automate, analyze, & process data from cameras, devices and sensors. Our platform controls physical and cyber systems by automating tasks that human visual systems currently do.

Lunar Eye

Management Portal

Video Cameras

3rd party integration with OEM camera providers

Sensors and devices

IOT sensors & devices such as light, temperature, motion, and pressure

Data management

collection, exchange, and analysis improve productivity and efficiency while building economic benefits


Lunar Eye Application

About Us

When it comes to Computer Vision and Data Analytics — the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can open many opportunities.

Lunar Eye equips computers with the ability to recognize objects, people, and faces then make decisions that the human brain and eyes make everyday but with much more speed & accuracy.

Our team of experts are ambitious leaders in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Data Science, DevOps, Analytics, and AI Security. With over 15 years experience, you can entrust your infrastructure modernization project to us!

Contact Us

Lunar Eye Corporation

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