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Lunar Eye

An AI-Based Computer Vision and Automation Platform

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About Us

Lunar Eye — a cloud-based SaaS platform that uses Computer Vision and Machine Learning algorithms to enable AI-driven control and management of physical and cyber systems. The system enhances the capability of surveillance systems, making them smarter and more responsive by automating real-time monitoring, object and face recognition, data analysis, decision-making, and more.

Lunar Eye is highly scalable and can be easily tailored for a wide array of industries — from Manufacturing and Logistics to Transportation and Security. The Lunar Eye team has over 15 years’ experience in software development. We are seasoned experts in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Data Science, DevOps, Analytics, and AI Security. Contact us to discuss your infrastructure modernization project.


Scenes Recognition

Complex recognition of scenes for identifying people, machines, zones, moving and static objects


Equipment Maintenance

Complete set of features for equipment usage monitoring and maintenance management


Safety Control

Control employee actions and presence in designated areas for minimizing injuring risks


System Training

Full set of tools for system training during usage and expanding its capabilities without programming


Environment Designer

Designer for defining workflow for scenes monitoring, alerts configuration based on objects recognition


Lunar Eye Provides Unique Features for Automated Environment monitoring and management

How it’s work

System Management and Configuration

  • Environment Designer — tools that help users to set up cameras, lines, queues, zones, and workflows
  • Neural network Training functionality and data set markup tool — allows users to train the neural network individually to meet their business needs
  • User management — users can add and edit users, change and assign roles, create new accounts, etc.
  • Equipment management — users can edit descriptive data on equipment and machines and assign separate pieces of equipment to cameras and zones
  • Equipment usage reports — Automatic generated reports on equipment usage (time, frequency, duration)
  • Camera management — connecting c& mapping cameras
  • System library management — users add and edit data on faces, license plates, objects to increase recognition
  • Alert management — users can create alerts for various events and send specific alerts to specific users via email, messengers, SMS, etc.
  • Scenes Recognition Engine — the system’s “heart’ that performs all processing, analytic services and event generation
  • System monitoring and process control — real-time display of overall system health
  • Multi-View 3D Reconstruction functionality (optional for on premise users only, available by request)
  • Automated analytics — capability to automatically detect relevant anomalies, patterns and trends and deliver insights to business users in real-time, with no manual user-analysis or IT intervention required.
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How it’s work

Production and Equipment Management

  • Environment monitoring with Scene Recognition Engine and cameras views
  • Dashboard with system performance and statistics
  • Workforce monitoring:
    • Identify employee production areas, high risk zones, and employee production areas
    • Workforce face recognition
  • Queue monitoring: the system monitors and calculates density and pace of queues

How it’s work

Work Site Monitoring

  • Employee actions control
  • Production line monitoring: detect, count, measure objects on the production line

How it’s work

Object Detection and Tracking

  • License plate recognition detects, recognizes, and alerts on unknown license plates, while simultaneously allowing for add/edit existing ones
  • Aruco marker detector and tracker
  • Equipment recognition
  • Object movement tracking
  • Automated Equipment usage alert and tracking

How it’s work


  • Equipment usage data
  • Job time-study collection and control
  • AI-based maintenance planning: based on equipment usage, system forecasts, and the need for future maintenance
  • Employee activity reports

Want to discuss how to implement Lunar Eye within your organization?


Want to discuss how to implement Lunar Eye within your organization?

For more information, please contact: Lunar Eye +1 800 761-6990

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