Get Started

Step 1

Define your business needs and goals

Our experts will help you identify your business needs, coordinate the implementation of the Lunar Eye platform. As a part of this process, we will identify a deployment model which best fits your organization. Lunar Eye has two deployment models:

  • Lunar Eye Cloud – this model is preferable for organizations that require connection of no more than 5 video cameras.
  • Lunar Eye Local (on premise) – this model is preferable for organizations which require connection of more than 5 video cameras.

All cameras to be used with Lunar Eye system should meet following requirements:

  • Each camera should have its own static IP address or host.
  • Each camera should support data transmission via RTSP over TCP and UDP protocol.
  • Each camera should record full HD video (1920×1080).

Step 2

Lunar Eye Platform Adoption and Configuration

Once we have identified the needs of the organization, Lunar Eye adopts and configures all requirements necessary to deploy services in a test environment. At this stage, Lunar Eye trains the neural networks to provide custom services that may be unique to the particular organization.


Step 3

Lunar Eye Deployment

In the final step, Lunar Eye will deploy the Lunar Eye platform to include all necessary server configurations both for on premise or cloud. Our engineers will manage the successful deployment of all cameras, sensors, and automated tools. We conclude with one -on-one training of all designated organizational users and managers of the system.


Ready to Start with Lunar Eye implementation? Contact Us!


Ready to Start with Lunar Eye implementation? Contact Us!

For more information, please contact: Lunar Eye +1 800 761-6990

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